Developed by Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Lisa Mullinax of Sacramento Dog Behavior, 4Paws University is a free resource for dog lovers who wish to learn more about dog training and behavior using non-aversive methods.  We promote non-aversive training methods that follow the guidelines set forth by organizations such as:

Lisa has worked with over 3,500 dogs and over 150 breeds since 2001. From Poodles to Pit Bulls, Dachsunds to Dobermans, even Westies to Wolfdogs.  After teaching group classes as 4Paws University for over a decade, Lisa decided it was time to focus her efforts on serious behavior problems and public education through seminars.  She can be found at Sacramento Dog Behavior.

Dog training has changed a lot in the last 15 years, as the science of learning and behavior have increased our knowledge of dogs.  Dog owners now know it is unnecessary to use methods that rely on punshment and are seeking out reward-based training services more than ever before.  Reward-based training uses positive reinforcement to build good behavior using smart, practical strategies to promote good behavior and change even the most serious problem behaviors.

Reward-based training automatically adapts to any dog or any behavior, eliminating the need for shock collars, prong collars, or other aversive tools and methods of the past.  Regardless of breed or behavior.


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